Investing in a professional domain name/brand will immediately return you invaluable perceptions - e.g., an authority, an industry leader, and trustworthy to do business with. The domain names that will make professional brand names are short, memorable and are in the dot com extension. You can choose undescriptive, descriptive, or created domain names.

Undescriptive Domains
These are generic dictionary words that don’t describe your business, but are short and easy to remember. For example, sells mattresses online and their mattresses are not even the color purple.  

Descriptive Domains
Also known as category defining domains, these are dictionary words that describe your website’s business or topic. For example, is what you think it is. It’s a search engine.

Created Domains
These are non-dictionary words that are completely made up. They can become excellent brands, but usually take a greater marketing budget to make the name known and trusted. For example, Xerox and Google were created, but have become trusted household names.