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    A lease that runs perpetually until the lessee either stops making payments or purchases the domain name.

    A lease can be canceled at any time simply by no longer making the lease payment. An email to the owner would be courteous, but not required. The lease can be canceled for any reason.

    Purchase price x 15%, then divided by 12.

    For example, if the purchase price is $6,000, the payment would be $75.

    $6,000  x 15% = $900, then $900 / 12 = $75.

    The lease payment amount is a calculation based on the purchase price. The purchase price can be negotiated (affecting the lease amount), but that depends on the seller. It never hurts to ask.

    Some sellers may allow a certain percentage of each payment to reduce the purchase price. View each domain name's listing page for rent credit details. Learn more about rent credit.

    No. As long as the lease is active, the lessee has full control over the domain. The usage of the domain name is subject to the acceptable use policy. 


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