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    Rent Credit

    Some domain name listings may give rent credit. This is a portion of the monthly lease payment that gets applied to the future domain purchase.

    For example: let's say the purchase price is $8,000 and the lease payment is $100 per month. If the rent credit is 60%, this means that every month a $60 credit ($100 x 60%) will reduce the amount needed to buy the domain name. In this example, after 10 months of lease payments, the rent credit would total $600 (10 x $60).

    NOTE: The lease payment is calculated with the Purchase Price and not the Buyout Price. Lease Payment = Purchase Price x 15% / 12.


    If the domain name isn't purchased or the lessee stops making payments, the accrued amount from the rent credit is non-refundable.


    Purchase Price: The agreed upon amount to purchase the domain name.

    Buyout Price: The purchase price less the 10% down payment and any accrued rent credit.





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