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Gain Your Name

No Term Lease

Lease a premium name at Name Gain.

  • Only 5% down.
  • Cancel lease anytime without penalty!
  • Low monthly payments.
  • Test your idea before buying.

Build Your Business

Use a professional domain name as your brand name.

  • Gain instant credibility.
  • Purchase anytime or don't!
  • Bootstrap to conserve startup capital.

Secure Process

The domain name is held in third-party escrow during the lease.

  • It can't be sold to someone else.
  • Payments are made to the escrow company.
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Your Domain Name is Your Brand Name

Start with a professional domain name, then make that your brand name.

Name Gain makes it easy and affordable to gain your name.

Domain Name Owners

List Your Domain Name

Receive More Sales

Leasing makes it easier to acquire customers who have an incentive to eventually buy.

Low Commissions

5% of the purchase price is collected upfront from the buyer. This reduces the buyout price. Keep 100% of lease payments*.


Sell your names at other markeplaces at the same time.

Put Your Names to Use

Receive a 15% return of the purchase price. That’s much better than parking.

You're Protected

Lessee agrees to an acceptable use policy that will protect your property from misuse.

Free to List

List your domains for free! Names will need approval before publishing so submit your best names.

* Third party escrow company charges a 10% fee for all payments.


Name Gain showcases brandable domain names for a low payment.

Gain your name and buy later or cancel anytime without penalty!

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